Diversion Offers an Alternative to Prosecution.

The program is designed mostly for first‑time offenders.


Program Overview

The Pre-Trial Intervention Program, also known as Diversion, is offered predominantly to first-time offenders as an alternative to prosecution. The Pre-Trial Intervention Program is strictly voluntary and is offered to defendants after an Assistant District Attorney reviews the case and determines that the defendant meets the eligibility criteria. The program has been modeled after the Louisiana District Attorney Association’s Diversion Standards and is designed to meet the needs of offenders in an attempt to do the following:

  • Deter their future criminal or disorderly behavior
  • Minimize loss to victims of these crimes through earliest payment of restitution by the offender
  • Serve the courts by reducing the number of less serious offenses, permitting more time for the more serious crimes
  • Protect the community by closely supervising the accused until a final disposition has been determined

The prosecution of the criminal charges is delayed during the length of the program. After a participant completes all of the conditions of the program, the pending charges are dismissed. Conditions of the program vary from case to case, but typically include an enrollment fee, monthly supervision fees, counseling, drug screens and community service. Other conditions may be set by the Pre-Trial Intervention Program Director.

For those who qualify, financial assistance may be available.

If you think you may be a candidate for Diversion please contact our Diversion Division.

Also, on the left is a video of a great Diversion success story.

In the center, please watch this introductory invitation from former D.A. Warren Montgomery about applying for candidacy in Diversion.



St. Tammany – 985-809-8383 – ask for a Diversion Specialist
Washington – 985-839-6711- ask for a Diversion Specialist

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