The results are in.

See below what the numbers say about our success.


We are proud to share with you some snippets of our success in the District Attorney’s Office by the numbers.




Domestic Violence

The domestic violence arrest to conviction rate has increased to 79% (from 361 in 2014 to 548 cases in 2019.) That’s up from 49% in 2014, the last year of the prior administration. In addition, the percentage of cases dismissed has dropped from 49% in 2014 to 21% (from 358 to 142) in 2019. 150 more domestic violence offenders now plead guilty as charged (no reduction) per year.

Felony Arrests and Convictions

Our Office has increased felony convictions by at least 8 percent since 2014. We also decreased the time from felony arrest to resolution of the case by 16 percent. We have prioritized major crimes of violence. In 2019, 42 of the 46 jury trials were for murder, rape, child abuse/child exploitation, armed robbery, or other such violent crimes. The Montgomery Administration is prosecuting almost 300 more defendants per year, for felony-grade offenses than in 2014 and prior years. We also decreased the average age of cases pending trial by 20 percent.

Independent Assessment

The Metropolitan Crime Commission has provided an independent assessment of the criminal justice system in St. Tammany. The agency gave the District Attorney’s Office high marks for its felony arrest to felony conviction rate, which is above the national average in every category. Click here to view all of the reports for the 22nd JDC.  

Cost Savings

Economist Ed Bee was hired to analyze the MCC’s independent data from 2014-2018 to determine the impact of policy and systemic changes. He found a cost savings of $805,348 to $984,000 to local government due to the D.A.’s policy and staffing changes. Here is the full report. 



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